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Lee Nelson Alexandria Va. "Randy and Janet's craftsmanship, both in sound quality and art work, is outstanding and brings a smile to me every time I play one of their flutes! Yellowbootsflutes is professional in all aspects whether you are purchasing a basic flute or having them design a specialty flute to your specifications. If you want a flute that will impress you and others go to Yellowbootsflutes."

Lee Nelson

While scanning through e-bay for Native American flutes, I came across a seller who was new to me. What initially caught my eye was the astonishing beauty and obvious quality of these "yellowboots flutes", but as it turned out I was in for some very pleasant suprises. I have loved and respected these flutes for many years, and after some back and forth communications with Randy, I was convinced that their flutes were a product of that same love. My wife and I made the decision that these two artists and their work was worth the two hundred mile trip to see them in person, so we went. Randy and Janet turned out to be some of the nicest and most hospitable folks I have met, but I really want to tell you about their flutes.Quotes


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As I was escorted into a room containing about eighty finished flutes, I was overwhelmed. I just stood there not knowing where to start because each one seemed to be more beautiful than the next. I just knew I wouldn't be able to afford one of these beauties.... but having driven all morning to look, I touched them, and played some, and I wanted them all ! As it turned out, there was a fairly plain looking walnut flute that played so sweetly I had to have it. This flute fits the most demanding requirements I could think of, and it is a rare prize worth more than I paid for it. I've looked at and considered flutes that cost three or four times what Randy and Janet are asking for their artistry. I would heartily recommend you get one before they realize how much they are worth. Jim Wheetley Niles, Michigan 269 687 8241Quotes


Jim Wheetley

Jim is pictured playing a Black Walnut flute in D#

I have been playing 4 flutes from Randy and Janet for over a year. The sound is beautiful and clean. The 2 branch flutes I have always draw attention from their natural crooked beauty which is further enhanced by the exquisite decor which Janet carves into them. Never does a display or demonstration go by that these branch flutes become the focal point of interest. Bill Campbell Columbia, SCQuotes


Bill Campbell


"Over the last year and a half, I've acquired four of Randy's "Yellow Boots" flutes and they are world class instruments. I'm a flute teacher and have hosted drum and flute workshops at Camp Chesterfield Spiritual Center in Chesterfield, IN. Randy French (along with Janet) is a first class flute creator and I cherish the Yellow Boots flutes that are in my flute family. Thank you Randy for these fine instruments. You and Janet are a gift to me." John "Medicine Bear" DoerrQuotes


John Doerr


I am the proud owner of 5 flutes by Yellowboot. When you own one of Yellowboot's flutes you will come away with much more. What talent and craftmanship! It is an honor to hold one of his flutes in your hands and make it sing. What a voice...It can transport you to another time and place of beauty and wonder. It's soft voice is soothing and healing and can mend the broken petals of the flowers of our hearts. It will bring peace, joy and much more to your life and to all that hears it's beautiful song. When there are no words to express yourself...I pick my flute up and it will sing under the stars and tell my story and I can feel the magic that this wonderful flute maker and his lovely wife (Janet) has given to it. Martha Johnson Fort Smith, ArkansasQuotes


Martha Johnson


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